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Drink Driving Solicitors

Specialist Drink Driving Solicitors

Neil DaviesCaddick Davies are specialist drink driving solicitors, providing advice and representation to motorists who are investigated or prosecuted for a range of drink driving offences. As specialists in this complex area of law we are able to use of our expertise to secure our clients the best possible outcome in their case, be this their acquittal (found not guilty), the avoidance of disqualification (special reasons), the reduction of the length of disqualification or in more serious cases the avoidance of a custodial sentence.

We have an outstanding record for defending motorists who feel that they have been wrongly accused of drink driving offences and when last calculated our success rate for defending motorists whose cases proceeded to trial was 93%*.

As most drink driving offences, such as driving whilst the proportion of alcohol in breath exceeds the prescribed limit (more commonly known as “drink driving”) carry obligatory disqualification for a period of 12 months or more (usually up to 3 years), the prospect of losing your licence with the possibility of losing your job, damaged career prospects or more practical issues in caring for your family and loved ones can be daunting. We understand this and at the outset of your case, we will discuss these issues with you so that we can provide you with pragmatic and honest advice.

Within our specialist and detailed website, you will find a list of the most common drink driving offences which appears to the right and provides you with information on your offence. Under the heading “Drink Driving Defences” a comprehensive list of defences is provided which may be argued in drink driving cases, whilst “Avoiding Disqualification and Minimising Your Sentence” provides information on “special reasons” which the court may find not to disqualify you and mitigating circumstances which may be used to reduce any disqualification imposed, and finally under the heading “Drink Driving Information” you will find technical information on issues such as “back calculations”, alcohol elimination rates, information on evidential breath testing devices and even a link for you to calculate your own breath alcohol reading in accordance with your recollected alcohol consumption.

Take a look and find further information on the offence or issue most relevant to you or contact us by telephone, request a call back or complete our email enquiry form.

We provide national coverage for all major cities across England & Wales

No matter where you are in England or Wales, we can provide you with specialist representation in your case. We are specialist motoring solicitors covering Liverpool, London, Leeds, Birmingham, Carlisle, Cardiff, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Norwich and any other location in England and Wales.

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All calls or enquiries to us are free and without obligation. When you call we will ask you to provide details about your drink driving case and will then speak with you to identify any further issues which may be of relevance, including the importance of your license to you. Once we have done this, we will provisionally advise you about the issues and will propose a strategy as to how to approach your case, in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Ask about our fees – we believe that fees should be fair and transparent

We believe in fee transparency and will discuss our fees with you during your initial telephone call or in response to your enquiry.

Most commonly, our fees are provided on a fixed fee basis, meaning that we agree a fee for all the work required in your case or for a hearing, including its preparation and your representation at court. You can then move forward with the confidence that there will be no hidden or unexpected charges at the conclusion of your case.

In more complex cases we may also carry out work at an agreed hourly rate, with an estimate of fees being provided at the outset.

It is also good to know that if we are successful in defending your case you will be entitled to a Defendant Costs Order, which entitles you to recover the costs of your legal representation (amount awarded subject to assessment).

Responsible Drinking and Driving

Caddick Davies Solicitors do not promote or condone drink driving, which we consider to be a serious offence which can impact heavily on others. We advise any motorist to avoid driving after you have consumed alcohol or if you are unsure as to whether you may be over the legal limit (35mg in breath) the following day after a night out. Please do not take the chance and drive responsibly!

* Percentage of trials won is calculated in accordance with all prosecutions for drink driving (driving whilst the proportion of alcohol in breath/blood/urine exceeded the prescribed limit) which proceeded to trial between 14th June and 18th December 2013.