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Drink Driving Offences

Motoring Offences – what are your options?

A fine, points on your licence or even facing a ban can have a huge impact on your life. Points can mean higher insurance premiums, a fine can seriously impact on your finances and a ban could mean your livelihood is under threat. But before you assume the worst, talk to the motoring offence solicitors at Caddick Davies for high quality, expert advice.

We only deal with motoring offences, so we know this area of the Law inside and out. Our experience in representing clients who are being charged with motoring offences means that we can work with you to assure the best possible outcome.

Our driving offence solicitors believe that every motorist deserves the best in high quality advice and representation, regardless of the offence. From a simple speeding ticket through to dangerous driving, we know that out on the road it’s not always ‘black and white’, and that sometimes there are mitigating circumstances to take into consideration, or there’s another side to the story. Our motoring offence lawyers make sure that your voice is always heard.

There are alternatives…

Points, bans and fines are not the only punishments that can be imposed for motoring offences. As an alternative to these usual routes of punishment, the Police are using more pro-active forms of driver training that they hope will improve standards on the road, as well as freeing up the judicial system to deal with more serious offenders. For less serious crimes such as some speeding offences, using a mobile phone or contravening a red traffic signal, drivers can be offered the option of attending a Speed Awareness Course or Driver Improvement Course.

This route is at the discretion of the Police and there is a fee to pay. But at Caddick Davis our specially trained motoring offence solicitors can negotiate for this option as an alternative to points, a fine or a ban. This could make a real difference, particularly if you have already accumulated points on your licence, and a further endorsement could mean the loss of your driving privileges completely.

What if that’s not an option?

If you are facing a more serious motoring offence charge, discretionary courses may not be an option. In that case, we will do our very best to represent you in a fair and effective manner that is based purely on the merits of each individual case.

Our fixed fee principle means that there are no hidden extras or additional charges, regardless of the outcome of your case. Because we only deal with motoring offences, we have quite literally ‘heard it all’ and can build your defence based on a detailed analysis of the evidence – whether you’re contesting that you were the driver through to extremely technical defences such as a challenge to the accuracy of measuring equipment in a speeding offence.

We’re here to ensure that every motorist has a voice, no matter what offence they have been charged with. To find out more and to talk to one of our skilled and experienced motoring offence solicitors, contact us today on 0845 467 4007 for a free consultation, or fill out our ‘Request a Callback’ or ‘enquiry form’ and one of our team will contact you in confidence.