Defence of drink driving cases – Judge us by our success!

At Caddick Davies Solicitors, we pride ourselves on our honest and transparent advice provided at the outset of any initial consultation. If you ask, What is your success rate? We will tell you that it is very good, however that each and every case must be considered on its own facts. If you ask, Can you guarantee I will be found not guilty? We will tell you that it is impossible to guarantee any outcome and it would be inappropriate (and contrary to our professional rules of conduct) to guarantee any result.

Whilst we will never guarantee any result, we can guarantee that in every case we will do our utmost to secure the best possible outcome for you. This is our guarantee.

Beyond this guarantee, we believe that our results speak for themselves. Over the last 12 weeks, we have successfully defended 8 out of 9 contested (those that went to trial) drink driving cases and of the one that got away, that case is currently proceeding to appeal before the Crown Court.

We achieve these results by way of our thorough knowledge of the complex subject of drink driving law and by never pursuing a case unless we believe that there are genuine prospects of success.

If we do not believe that you have an arguable defence, it doesn’t end there. We will advise you and if required represent you with a view to minimising any possible disqualification and in some cases if “special reasons” apply, we may be able to argue that you should not be disqualified.

If any of the issues raised in this article apply to you or you are charged with any drink driving offence, please contact us to receive specialist advice and representation for our drink driving offence.

Caddick Davies Solicitors do not condone drink driving or encourage any such act, however we do believe that every person is innocent until proven guilty and is entitled to the best legal representation