Metropolitan Police Christmas Drink Driving Campaign – Drink Driving London

On 1st December 2013, the Metropolitan Police launched its annual crackdown on drink driving.

Superintendant Husk from the Metropolitan Police John said:

“Motorists need to be aware of the dangers and possible consequences when they decide to drive under the influence of drink or drugs. Their decision could be the difference between life and death”.

During the campaign the Metropolitan Police will carry out enforcement at night and also in the morning, when people can still be above the legal prescribed limit (35mg/100ml) and can unwittingly commit an offence of drink driving. This will involve testing for both drink and drugs at the roadside as part of the campaign.

Whilst at Caddick Davies Solicitors we are specialists in representing and defending people charged with drink driving, we adopt a responsible approach to our work and encourage people not to drink and drive during the festive period and also to be conscious of the ongoing effects of alcohol the morning after. Our advice to anyone who is unsure of whether or not they may be above the legal limit is simply not to take the risk and do not drive.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Hapy New Year.


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