Alan’s Recommendation

Charley Smith – Drink Driving Solicitor Birmingham

After being charged for drink driving I contacted Caddick Davies Solicitors and discussed my case with Neil Davies. I was extremely pleased to have Neil dealing with my case from start to finish. Neil was calm, understanding and extremely professional yet always provided an honest view of my chances of success and the various routes… Read more »

Viktor Koke – Drink Driving Solicitor London Recommendation

Huge thank you to Hojol Uddin and the great team at Caddick Davies for helping me to keep my licence. In May 2013, I was charged with driving whilst over the legal limit and summoned to appear in Court at Bexley Magistrates Court. Admittedly, I was very anxious and worried by the prospect of losing… Read more »

Richard Ratnasingham – Drink Driving London

I was charged with an offence of drink driving and was due to appear before a court in London and needed a specialist solicitor. I found Caddick Davies on the internet and from the minute I made my enquiry to the very last minute of my trial, the whole team at Caddick Davies Solicitors were… Read more »

James Spears – Drink Driving London

My first point of contact with Caddick Davies Solicitors was via the internet and upon speaking to Mr Uddin, I found him to be highly professional and approachable. He listened to me and was non-judgemental about my situation relating to my drink driving offence (failing to provide a specimen of breath). Consequently I was advised… Read more »

Steven Musgrove, Drink Driving London

I would like to say a big thank you to you and your team for all your hard work. You were honest from the start regarding our case and your knowledge was second to none. Without your hard work my son would be without his licence and his job. Your expertise was outstanding and I… Read more »

David Ellely – Drink Driving Cornwall

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me, here is a brief summary; I was looking at a drink/drive ban in excess of 20 months, which would have ruined my career & crippled me financially. After speaking to other motor specialist lawyers, I chose Caddick Davies, as I spoke to Neil… Read more »

Stephen Shea – Drink Driving Liverpool

Neil Davies and his team at Caddick Davies Solicitors worked endlessly preparing a multitude of legal submissions to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). These submissions clearly showed the immense knowledge Caddick Davies Solicitors had for The Road Traffic Act as the CPS had no option but to drop the case. I was prosecuted for drink… Read more »

Mr Baczkowski – Drink Driving London

Caddick Davies succesfully defended my third drink driving charge on the basis of a technicality in the way in which my urine specimen was taken.

I spoke with the firm and explained that I had been arrested following a night out and had provided a breath specimen above the legal limit, but below 50mg/100ml breath, so that I was given the option to provide a urine specimen. When this urine specimen was taken, I urinated so that the officer could take the first specimen and was then told to stop and start again for the second. I was immediately informed that this was a procedural error which will provide a defence if we can show that this is what happened.

The firm obtained supporting evidence as to what had gone on and also obtained an expert report supporting my case. Mr Davies represented me at my trial and knowing they were not in a positon to challenge our defence the prosecutor attempted to adjourn the trial for the prosecution to get more evidence. Mr Davies did not accept this and immediately made it clear that this was not “playing by the rules”. The magistrates agreed and the prosecutor offered no evidence so that I was found not guilty.

An excellent result and I must thank the firm and Mr Davies for their hard work on my behalf.

Mr Johnston – Drink Driving Nottingham

A first class service and a first class defence! Caddick Davies saved my licence, my job and my home.

I was taken to court for an offence of drink driving which arose following a drunken night out. I was so drunk that even I didn’t know whether I was guilty of the offence!

I contacted Caddick Davies in the expectation that I would have to plead guilty and expecting the worst. During this call however, Mr Davies advised that there was no such thing as a lost cause and that whilst I may not win my case, I would not lose anything by trying. It was also agreed that by pleading not guilty and challenging the case, I would not be disqualified on my first appearance and would be able to keep my licence for another few months at least, so this would give me some breathing space and allow me to keep working as a self employed gas fitter and find alternative employment if the worst came to the worst.

Low and behold, after three months I received a call and the best news ever. The prosecution had discontinued the case against me and I was to keep my licence!

I cannot thank all at Caddick Davies enough for their hard work in my case and cannout strongly recommend them enough to anyone else in a similar position.

Paul Simpson – Drink Driving Solicitor Burnley

I was impressed by the in-depth knowledge Mr Davies has of drink driving offences……..

I was prosecuted before Burnley Magistartes Court for an offence of drink driving. I provided a specimen of urine at the police station and it was above the legal limit, however I was confident that it should not have been. I spoke with Mr Davies and he immediately gave me confidence that he knew what he was talking about and I was impressed by the in-depth knowledge Mr Davies has of drink driving offences. He advised me that the police had not applied the correct procedure in taking the specimen from me, such that it could not be relied upon and was unreliable.

I trusted him and I was not wrong. The prosecution were persuaded to drop the case and I was acquitted. I even got my legal fees back!

I would recommend Caddick Davies Solicitors and Neil Davies to anyone.