Mr Baczkowski – Drink Driving London

Caddick Davies succesfully defended my third drink driving charge on the basis of a technicality in the way in which my urine specimen was taken.

I spoke with the firm and explained that I had been arrested following a night out and had provided a breath specimen above the legal limit, but below 50mg/100ml breath, so that I was given the option to provide a urine specimen. When this urine specimen was taken, I urinated so that the officer could take the first specimen and was then told to stop and start again for the second. I was immediately informed that this was a procedural error which will provide a defence if we can show that this is what happened.

The firm obtained supporting evidence as to what had gone on and also obtained an expert report supporting my case. Mr Davies represented me at my trial and knowing they were not in a positon to challenge our defence the prosecutor attempted to adjourn the trial for the prosecution to get more evidence. Mr Davies did not accept this and immediately made it clear that this was not “playing by the rules”. The magistrates agreed and the prosecutor offered no evidence so that I was found not guilty.


Drink Driving Solicitor London

An excellent result and I must thank the firm and Mr Davies for their hard work on my behalf.