Mr Johnston – Drink Driving Nottingham

A first class service and a first class defence! Caddick Davies saved my licence, my job and my home.

I was taken to court for an offence of drink driving which arose following a drunken night out. I was so drunk that even I didn’t know whether I was guilty of the offence!

I contacted Caddick Davies in the expectation that I would have to plead guilty and expecting the worst. During this call however, Mr Davies advised that there was no such thing as a lost cause and that whilst I may not win my case, I would not lose anything by trying. It was also agreed that by pleading not guilty and challenging the case, I would not be disqualified on my first appearance and would be able to keep my licence for another few months at least, so this would give me some breathing space and allow me to keep working as a self employed gas fitter and find alternative employment if the worst came to the worst.

Low and behold, after three months I received a call and the best news ever. The prosecution had discontinued the case against me and I was to keep my licence!

I cannot thank all at Caddick Davies enough for their hard work in my case and cannout strongly recommend them enough to anyone else in a similar position.


Drink Driving Solicitor Nottingham